Gauss-Dirichlet conference, Göttingen 2005

CMI conference proceedings, AMS

List of contributions

J. Elstrodt, The life and work of Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet, 1-37
T. Browning, An overview of Manin's conjecture for Del Pezzo surfaces, 39-55
J. Brüdern, T. Wooley, The density of integral solutions for pairs of diagonal cubic equations, 57-76
A. Diaconu, D. Goldfeld, Second moments of GL_2 automorphic L-functions, 77-105
J. Funke, CM points and weight 3/2 modular forms, 107-127
D. A. Goldston, J. Pintz, C. Y. Yildirim, The path to recent progress on small gaps between primes, 129-139
A. Granville, K. Soundararajan, Negative values of truncations to L(1,\chi), 141-148
B. Green, Long arithmetic progressions of primes, 149-167
Ph. Michel, A. Venkatesh, Heegner points and non-vanishing of Rankin-Selberg L-functions, 169-183
K. Ono, Singular moduli generating functions for modular curves and surfaces, 185-206
P. Salberger, Rational points of bounded height on threefolds, 207-216
P. Sarnak, Reciprocal geodesics, 217-237 pdf
K. Soundararajan, The fourth moment of Dirichlet L-functions, 239-246
H. Stark, The Gauss Class-Number problem, 247-256