Courant-Columbia-Princeton Algebraic geometry seminar Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University

Columbia-Courant-Princeton Algebraic geometry seminar, 2007-08

 October 19, NYU, Warren Weaver Hall, 109
 E. Hrushovski
 University of Jerusalem 
 Modularity and descent in algebraic dynamics
 4:15pm  R. Parimala
 Emory University 
 Isotropy of quadratic forms over function fields of p-adic curves
 5:30pm  V. Shokurov
 Johns Hopkins University 
 Log adjunction: effectiveness and positivity
 November 30, Princeton, Fine Hall
 C. Hacon
 University of Utah 
 5:15pm  S.S. Abhyankar
 Purdue University 
 The Jacobian Conjecture