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A few numerical tools

[qgmodel.tar - updated 1/16/2009]
Single-processor version of my QG model. It's spectral (doubly-periodic) in the horizontal and finite-differenced in the vertical, but can be run in single layer mode as well. Includes passive tracer advection, beta, mean shear, topography, quadratic or linear bottom drag, various forms of enstrophy dissipation, vertically cyclic boundary conditions, etc... Model can be compiled to compute surface QG. Code is written in Fortan 90 and is easy to modify. Version here is set up for use with ifort (on an Intel machine) and FFTW 3.x. Includes a bunch of matlab code for analysis, too. A parallel version using MPI and FFTW exists - contact me if you want it.
[qgbci.tar - updated 1/8/2014]
Simple Matlab code for computing linear baroclinic stability and standard vertical modes for QG. Documentation is included.
[iotools.tar - updated 1/8/2014]
Fortran code and associated Matlab functions for formatted binary I/O.

** No commitment to maintain or guarantee the accuracy of the model is expressed or implied, so use with caution. Feel free to email me with questions, but I make no guarantee for a timely response.