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Accelerating Eulerian Fluid Simulation With Convolutional Networks (Arxiv) Jonathan Tompson (Google), Kristofer Schlachter (NYU), Pablo Sprechmann (NYU), Ken Perlin (NYU).
An Introduction to the OpenCL Programming Model Jonathan Tompson (NYU), Kristofer Schlachter (NYU).

Projects at NYU

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Marching Cubes Geometry Shader in Unity3D An implementation of the marching cubes algortithm in a DirectX 11 geometry shader in the Unity3D game engine.
WebGL renderer Ray Tracing in WebGL, Sphere Tracing, Normal Mapping, Parallax Mapping, Shadow Mapping, 3D Inverse Kinematic and more..

Kristofer Schlachter - ks228 at cs dot nyu dot edu or schlacht at cims dot nyu dot edu