Sam Bowman

Animation of Sam waving. Credit to Karl Pichotta for the idea.


Member of Technical Staff

Associate Professor of Linguistics, Data Science & Computer Science
Co-PI, Alignment Research Group, ML² Group & CILVR Lab
(on research leave Summer 2022–Summer 2024)
New York University

PhD 2016, Stanford NLP Group & Stanford Linguistics


At NYU, I study artificial neural network models for natural language understanding, with a focus on language model alignment, building high-quality training and evaluation data, and applying neural network models to scientific questions in syntax and semantics.

During an extended research leave (2022–), I'm spending more of my time leading a research group at Anthropic, working on language model alignment and evaluation. I'm continuing to advise research at NYU during this time, but am not accepting new students.

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If we haven't been in contact previously, please look through this FAQ before emailing me. You can reach me at