Volume 8 (2012)
Vol 8, Article 1 (pp 1-51)
Time-Space Efficient Simulations of Quantum Computations
by Dieter van Melkebeek and Thomas Watson
Vol 8, Article 2 (pp 53-54) [Motwani Special Issue]
Special Issue in Honor of Rajeev Motwani (1962-2009): Guest Editors' Foreword
by Samir Khuller and Sudipto Guha
Vol 8, Article 3 (pp 55-68) [Motwani Special Issue]
Rajeev Motwani (1962-2009)
by Prabhakar Raghavan
Vol 8, Article 4 (pp 69-94) [Motwani Special Issue]
Regularity Lemmas and Combinatorial Algorithms
by Nikhil Bansal and R. Ryan Williams
Vol 8, Article 5 (pp 95-119) [Motwani Special Issue]
Revenue Submodularity
by Shaddin Dughmi, Tim Roughgarden, and Mukund Sundararajan
Vol 8, Article 6 (pp 121-164) [RESEARCH SURVEY]
The Multiplicative Weights Update Method: a Meta-Algorithm and Applications
by Sanjeev Arora, Elad Hazan, and Satyen Kale
Vol 8, Article 7 (pp 165-195) [Motwani Special Issue]
Online Scheduling to Minimize Maximum Response Time and Maximum Delay Factor
by Chandra Chekuri, Sungjin Im, and Benjamin Moseley
Vol 8, Article 8 (pp 197-208)
The Communication Complexity of Gap Hamming Distance
by Alexander A. Sherstov
Vol 8, Article 9 (pp 209-229) [Motwani Special Issue]
Improved Bounds for Speed Scaling in Devices Obeying the Cube-Root Rule
by Nikhil Bansal, Ho-Leung Chan, Dmitriy Katz, and Kirk Pruhs
Vol 8, Article 10 (pp 231-238) [NOTE]
Monotone Circuits: One-Way Functions versus Pseudorandom Generators
by Oded Goldreich and Rani Izsak
Vol 8, Article 11 (pp 239-267)
Tight Bounds on the Approximability of Almost-Satisfiable Horn SAT and Exact Hitting Set
by Venkatesan Guruswami and Yuan Zhou
Vol 8, Article 12 (pp 269-289)
SDP Gaps from Pairwise Independence
by Siavosh Benabbas, Konstantinos Georgiou, Avner Magen, and Madhur Tulsiani
Vol 8, Article 13 (pp 291-319)
Span-Program-Based Quantum Algorithm for Evaluating Formulas
by Ben Reichardt and Robert Špalek
Vol 8, Article 14 (pp 321-350) [Motwani Special Issue]
Approximate Nearest Neighbor: Towards Removing the Curse of Dimensionality
by Sariel Har-Peled, Piotr Indyk, and Rajeev Motwani
Vol 8, Article 15 (pp 351-368) [Motwani Special Issue]
One Tree Suffices: A Simultaneous $O(1)$-Approximation for Single-Sink Buy-at-Bulk
by Ashish Goel and Ian Post
Vol 8, Article 16 (pp 369-374) [NOTE]
Quantum Private Information Retrieval with Sublinear Communication Complexity
by François Le Gall
Vol 8, Article 17 (pp 375-400)
On the Power of a Unique Quantum Witness
by Rahul Jain, Iordanis Kerenidis, Greg Kuperberg, Miklos Santha, Or Sattath, and Shengyu Zhang
Vol 8, Article 18 (pp 401-413) [Motwani Special Issue]
An $O(k^3\log n)$-Approximation Algorithm for Vertex-Connectivity Survivable Network Design
by Julia Chuzhoy and Sanjeev Khanna
Vol 8, Article 19 (pp 415-428)
Distance Transforms of Sampled Functions
by Pedro F. Felzenszwalb and Daniel P. Huttenlocher
Vol 8, Article 20 (pp 429-460) [Motwani Special Issue]
Budget-Constrained Auctions with Heterogeneous Items
by Sayan Bhattacharya, Gagan Goel, Sreenivas Gollapudi, and Kamesh Munagala
Vol 8, Article 21 (pp 461-486)
Two-Source Extractors Secure Against Quantum Adversaries
by Roy Kasher and Julia Kempe
Vol 8, Article 22 (pp 487-512)
Inapproximability of the Shortest Vector Problem: Toward a Deterministic Reduction
by Daniele Micciancio
Vol 8, Article 23 (pp 513-531)
Tensor-based Hardness of the Shortest Vector Problem to within Almost Polynomial Factors
by Ishay Haviv and Oded Regev
Vol 8, Article 24 (pp 533-565)
Solving Packing Integer Programs via Randomized Rounding with Alterations
by Nikhil Bansal, Nitish Korula, Viswanath Nagarajan, and Aravind Srinivasan
Vol 8, Article 25 (pp 567-595) [Motwani Special Issue]
Online Graph Edge-Coloring in the Random-Order Arrival Model
by Bahman Bahmani, Aranyak Mehta, and Rajeev Motwani
Vol 8, Article 26 (pp 597-622)
A Constant-Factor Approximation Algorithm for Co-clustering
by Aris Anagnostopoulos, Anirban Dasgupta, and Ravi Kumar
Vol 8, Article 27 (pp 623-645)
Near-Optimal and Explicit Bell Inequality Violations
by Harry Buhrman, Oded Regev, Giannicola Scarpa, and Ronald de Wolf
List of Editors