About the Authors
Jacek Jendrej
Jacek Jendrej
Ph.D. student
Centre de Mathématiques Laurent Schwartz
Ecole Polytechnique
Jacek Jendrej is a Ph.D. student at Ecole Polytechnique advised by Yvan Martel and Frank Merle. He is interested in nonlinear evolution partial differential equations, especially in near-soliton dynamics for critical nonlinearities, energy estimates and compactness methods.
Krzysztof Oleszkiewicz
Krzysztof Oleszkiewicz
Institute of Mathematics
University of Warsaw
Webpage at U. Warsaw
Krzysztof Oleszkiewicz is a professor at the University of Warsaw's Institute of Mathematics, where he received his Ph.D. in 1997 under the supervision of Stanisław Kwapień. His research interests lie in probability theory and analysis, especially in various inequalities, including tail and moment estimates for sums of independent random variables, concentration bounds and hypercontractivity. He has no idea about Computer Science.
Jakub O. Wojtaszczyk
Jakub O. Wojtaszczyk
Software engineer
Jakub Onufry Wojtaszczyk is a software engineer at Google. Besides developing cluster-level operating systems, he has some knowledge of algorithms and of probability theory.