Computer Science
Tel-Aviv University

Seminar on Quantum Computing

Spring 2006


Lecture notes

Possible Topics

There are many interesting papers, many of which do not assume too much background. In addition to the ones below, you can find many more on the arXiv. You can also look at the reading seminar given in HUJI last semester.



Topic Speaker
Mar 5 Tsirelson's bound for CHSH and other XOR games Oded
Mar 12 Kuperberg's subexponential algorithm for the dihedral HSP Oded
Mar 19
Mar 26 Bound on fault tolerance Lior Eldar
Apr 2 On constant depth quantum circuits Liron Schiff
Apr 23 Quantum compression Ofer
Apr 30 More on quantum compression Ofer
May 7 Quantum State Encryption (Ambainis-Smith) Ricky
May 14 Algorithm for estimating Gauss sums Guy
May 21 Cancelled due to STOC
May 28 Cancelled due to STOC
Jun 4 Oblivious Transfer in the Quantum Bounded Storage Model (Damgard et al.) Itamar
Jun 11 Quantum walks on the cycle Lior L