Collaborating to make music

Everyone who visits this page can collaborate to compose procedural music.

Each of the 25 worlds you can create is a different musical score.

If you are on Windows on a PC and can't hear the music, try installing the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment.


  • Drag mouse to draw a line

    (make sure to connect some lines to the red plus sign).

  • Click to create a junction (white dot).

  • Drag a candy button (along the left) to add or move a note.

  • You can also use the and keys to add notes or change pitch.

  • Hold down the DELETE key and move mouse to erase.

  • Click on the red plus sign to start / stop running.

  • Hit the SPACE bar to toggle speed.

  • Click on buttons a through y to choose a different world.

What happens at a junction:

At a junction, there can be up to three paths. When there is more than one path, each path is taken in turn (left to right), and the junction keeps track with a changing pattern.