Cross-linked fiber suspension videos

Fibers in Cartesian coordinates

Our first movie is of the fibers (with CLs attached but not shown in the movie) being sheared for 4 cycles using ω = 1 Hz.

Fibers in sheared coordinates

The problem with looking at the fibers in Cartesian coordinates is that they appear to be moving with the background shear flow. To study the behavior more closely, we show their deviation from the shear flow (i.e., their positions in the coordinate system that deforms with the shear flow). We refer to this as the primed coordinate system. Movies for each frequency are shown below: By looking at the three movies in succession, we see that the fibers deviate more from the shear flow for low frequencies. The lower the frequency, the more time the fibers have to relax to their quasi-steady state.

Fibers with cross-linkers

In the suspension of 700 fibers, there are 8400 CLs. It is thus difficult to show them all without cluttering the movie. In this movie, we show all of the CLs attached to one fiber deforming with the shear flow. This movie is in the Cartesian coordinate system, and so it appears that the fibers are just being deformed affinely. We show the difference between fibers that deform with the shear flow (extensible motion, white fibers) and what our (gold) fibers actually do here using ω=1 Hz. The differences are most pronounced at the endpoints. Here's the same video but in primed coordinates and with ω=0.1 Hz. The fibers (gold) oscillate around their primed/affinely deformed configurations (white).