Research Interest



·        Monsoon dynamics


3 days averages of the Surface Wind Speed/Atmospheric Water Vapor/Cloud Liquid Water/Rain Rate for the Oceans. This data set goes back to 1987.


·        Stratospheric dynamics



·        Orographic and nonorographic gravity wave parameterizations


Here I have attached a modified, momentum conserving orographic and nonorographic gravity wave parameterization which can be used in the dynamical core of GFDL’s AGCM. You can look for the changes we made by searching for nyc213. These subroutines and especially the nonorographic one can be used to replace the sponge layer that is acting at the top layer of the model. For more details look at: N. Cohen, E.P.Gerber and O. Bühler, 2013: Compensation between resolved and unresolved wave driving in the Stratosphere: Implications for downward control, JAS.

For full documentation of the model check this link. A short version of the spectral core and the mathematical/physical underlying can be found in this pdf file.