Codes used to calculate distributions of flows forces and molecules in lamellipodia in paper B. Rubinstein, M. F. Fournier, K. Jacobson, A. Verkhovsky, A. Mogilner. Actin-myosin viscoelastic flow in the keratocyte lamellipod. Biophys. J., 97 1853-1863 (2009) are here

C codes were used to generate images and movies for the paper B. Rubinstein, K. Jacobson, A. Mogilner, Multiscale Two-Dimensional Modeling of a Motile Simple-Shaped Cell. SIAM J. MMS, 3 413-439 (2005) The codes are in the tar/gzip file which after unpacking produces the whole directory tree that contains all the code files. The tar/gzip file is here

C code used to simulate the deformable and pushing actin networks used to get the results in paper Jie Zhu and Alex Mogilner, Mesoscopic model of actin-based propulsion. PLoS Comput Biol, 8 (11) e1002764 (2012) are here

C code used to simulate the search-and-capture model in paper Paul et al. Computer simulations predict that chromosome movements and rotations accelerate mitotic spindle assembly without compromising accuracy, PNAS, 106: 15708-1513 (2009), is here

Codes used to calculate the 2D cell membrane flow and tension in motile cells with transmembrane proteins used to get the results in paper Ben Fogelson and Alex Mogilner, Computational estimates of membrane flow and tension gradients in motile cells. PLoS One, 9 e84524 (2014) are here

The movie of a moving keratocyte in Erin L. Barnhart, Kun-Chun Lee, Kinneret Keren, Alex Mogilner, and Julie A. Theriot, An adhesion-dependent switch between mechanisms that determine motile cell shape, PLoS Biology, 9 e1001059 (2011) was made using the code which is here

Codes used to simulate the cells shape and movements and polarization in the 'competiotion of two actin networks' model in paper Alexis J. Lomakin, Kun-Chun Lee, Sangyoon J. Han, Amy Bui, Michael Davidson, Alex Mogilner, Gaudenz Danuser. 'A minimal mechanism for cell polarization via spatial competition of two structurally distinct actin networks' are here

Codes used to simulate the cells' shape and movements in 3D in the deformable/breakable ECM, reported in paper Zhu J, Mogilner A. 'Comparison of cell migration mechanical strategies in three-dimensional matrices: a computational study' are here

Codes (written in C with OpenGL for graphics) used to simulate the G-actin reaction diffusion related to results reported in paper 'Network heterogeneity directs steering in actin-based motility' by R Boujemaa-Paterski, C Suarez, T Klar, J Zhu, C Guerin, A Mogilner, M Thery and L Blanchoin are here

Matlab codes used to simulate the free-boundary motility models related to results reported in paper 'A free-boundary model of a motile cell explains turning behavior' by M Nickaeen, IL Novak, S Pulford, A Rumack, J Brandon, BM Slepchenko, A Mogilner are here