Currently I have been working on a latex class to meet the NYU Thesis format. This is EXTREMELY BETA and I make no promises on its functionality or correctness.
1 September: Updated dedication page feature to remove chapter title and headerinformation.
27 October: Updated class to use the geometry package to specify the page and margin sizes. This allows the header and footer to be included in the body area to insure proper margins are met.

5 January 2007: Fixed issue with double spacing of Thesis Title Thesis Document Class (v1)

lass Overview:

Basically, I wanted to have a special document class that would meet the NYU dissertation format. Later of course, I decided to add some more functionality and some various options. And that is what we have now.

Here is a basic example of usage: testThesis.tex

For more details see the actual .cls file above. IN the comments at the beginning I describe most of its functionality. Remember, there are bugs. This has not been heavily tested yet and spacing and margins still need to be optimized. (Especially page spacing when using the various combinations of chapter formats and fancyheaders! I have yet to define different margins for depending on the options chosen. That is on the to do list. Also, support for the list of appendices
requirement is severely lacking.  I have ideas how to do this, but they will take a little time)

If you find any problems or have any recommendations, please stop by my office or send me an email. If you want to tell me my chapter formatting is lame, please do so nicely. If you wish to recommend a new option for a new formatting, ask nicely and if I have some time I will see what I can do.

Note, check back for updates. As I find problems and fix things, I will update the above link and the version number.