R. Andrew Hicks, Marc Millstone, and Kostas Daniilidiis
"Realizing any central projection with a mirror pair"
Applied Optics 45, Issue 28, pages 7205-7210, 1 October 2006
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Dominique Knittel, Didier Henrion, Marc Millstone, Marc Vedrines
"Fixed-order and Structure H_inf Control with Model Based Feedforward for Elastic Web Winding Systems"
LAAS-CNRS report 07596, May 2007.
Proceedings of the IFAC/IFORS/IMACS/IFIP Symposium on Large Scale Systems (LSS), Gdansk, Poland, 23-25 July 2007.

Invited Speaker:
On the Stereographic Projection: Catadioptric and Dicatoptric catadioptrics, SIAM Annual Convention, Portland, OR., July 2004

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