In memory of George Zaslavsky

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University, 251 Mercer St., NY

April 24-25, 2009

Schedule of talks (Click here ...)

The aim of this workshop is to promote interdisciplinary discussion among researchers working in areas related to dynamics, chaos and their applications. New results will be presented. It is our intention that the talks be accessible to a wide audience.

Sponsored by the Courant Institute, New York University.
Organized by H Weitzner and L.-S. Young

Confirmed speakers include:

    V. Afraimovich   (San Luis Potosi, Mexico)
    G. Ben Arous   (Courant Institute)
    L. Bunimovich   (Georgia Tech)
    P. Chaikin  (NYU Physics)
    S. Childress   (Courant Institute)
    M. Gromov  (Courant Institute and IHES)
    K. Khanin   (Toronto)
    N. Laskin    (TopQuark Inc.)
    X. Leoncini   (CNRS-Provence)
    J. Lowenstein   (NYU Physics)
    A. Majda   (Courant Institute)
    Ya. Pesin   (Penn State)
    V. Rom-Kedar  (Weizmann Institute)
    M. Shlesinger  (ONR and Navel Academy)
    Ya. G. Sinai  (Princeton University) 
    L.-S. Young   (Courant Institute)