Spiking activity correlations between local populations of neurons
Sonica Saraf

Information transfer between populations of neurons is likely related to 
their spiking activity patterns covarying. Neuroscientists have measured 
this phenomenon using spike-LFP, LFP-LFP, and pairwise spike 
correlations.  This talk introduces a method for quantifying population 
level spike-spike correlations, without considering individual neuron 
activity.  By quantifying population activity as a whole, the 
correlations are much higher than when considering paired correlations.  
In addition, there is an “optimal delay” at which these correlations 
should be measured, representing the phase-shift between source and 
target signals.  We will discuss the robustness and realism of the 
correlation and optimal delay metrics, and end by considering the effect 
of different forms of interference on these correlations.