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Combining auto-multiple-choice and Gradescope for paperless grading

Recent slideshows - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 11:45

Auto-multiple-choice (AMC) is an application for generating exams with randomized elements. Instructors can give each student a unique exam, with parameters changed, options permuted, and even questions shuffled. Completed exam papers are scanned and scored using optical mark reader (OMR) software. Free-response questions can be included, scored by hand, and read with the OMR software. Gradescope is a web service that allows digital grading of short-answer and free-response questions. Instructors prepare a PDF template and upload scanned exams. The software presents the grader with student submissions, and the grader can apply a consistent rubric with comments. Gradescope can handle multiple choice questions, but only if they are the same on each exam. The author will detail a workflow for using both services on the same exam. It involves processing the same scans through each service, then running scripts to merge the scores on the multiple choice items (generated by AMC) with scores and comments on the free response items (collected by Gradescope).