Algebraic Geometry Seminar (focus: Shafarevich Conjecture)

 January 29, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Lukas Köhler
 Intermediate Jacobians of Generalized Kummer Varieties
 February 5, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Asher Auel
 Exceptional Collections of Line Bundles on Projective Homogeneous G2-Varieties
 February 12, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Johan de Jong
 Columbia University
 On Local Picard Groups
 February 19, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Christian Böhning
 Universität Hamburg
 Pathologies of Semi-orthogonal Decomposition
 February 22, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Ilya Karzhemanov
 On Characterization of Toric Varieties
 February 26, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Dmitry Zakharov
 Stony Brook University
 The Zero Section of the Universal Semiabelian Variety, and Cycles on the Moduli Space of Marked Curves
 March 5, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Andrew Obus
 Columbia University
 The Local Lifting Problem and the Oort Conjecture
 March 12, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Mohan Ramachandran
 University at Buffalo
 On Holomorphic Convexity of Coverings
 March 26, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Joachim Schwermer
 Universität Wien
 On Arithmetically Defined Hyperbolic Manifolds and Their Betti Numbers
 March 29, 12:30pm
 WWH 201
 Yuri Zarhin
 Pennsylvania State University
 One-dimensional Polynomial Maps, Periodic Orbits and Multipliers
 April 2, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Burglind Juhl-Jöricke
 Indiana University Bloomington
 Braids, Conformal Module and Entropy
 April 9, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 John Voight
 University of Vermont
 The Canonical Ring of a Stacky Curve
 April 16, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Jordan Thomas
 Effective Bounds in Algebraic Quasi-Hyperbolicity
 April 23, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Asher Auel
 Unramified Cohomology of Cubic Fourfolds
 April 30, 1:30pm
 WWH 1314
 Sho Tanimoto
 Rice University
 Birational Geometry and Rational Points
 May 7, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Ben Bakker
 Rational Curves on a Modular Surface and a Conjecture of Mazur
 May 10, 3:30pm
 WWH 202
 Terrence Napier
 Lehigh University
 The Bochner-Hartogs Dichotomy
 May 14, 2:00pm
 WWH 201
 Michael McQuillan
 Universita degli studi di Roma
 Fun with Gerbes!
 May 14, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Lukas Köhler
 Deformations of Generalized Kummer Varieties

Last updated May 13, 2013

Organized by Lukas Köhler, lmk368(at)nyu(dot)edu