Algebraic Geometry Seminar

 September 13, 5:00pm
 WWH 1314
 Fedor Bogomolov
 Infinite transitivity of subgroups of infinite symmetric groups
 September 18, 3:30pm
 WWH 317
 Asher Auel
 Quadric surface bundles and quaternion algebras over surfaces
 October 2, 3:30pm
 WWH 317
 Jordan Thomas
 Towards the Bounding of Rational Curves on Surfaces of General Type
 October 5, 3:30pm
 WWH 512
 Shoji Yokura
 Kagoshima University
 Motivic Hirzebruch class and its zeta function
 October 9, 3:30pm
 WWH 317
 Johan de Jong
 Columbia University
 A Variational Crystalline Conjecture
 October 17, 3:30pm
 WWH 202
 Daniel Huybrechts
 Universität Bonn
 Cycles on K3 surfaces
 November 6, 3:30pm
 WWH 317
 Marcello Bernardara
 University of Toulouse
 Rational cubic fourfolds containing a plane with nontrivial Clifford invariant
 November 12, 2:30pm
 WWH 605
 Emmanuel Ullmo
 Université Paris-Sud
 Hyperbolic Ax-Lindemann and application to the AndrĂ©-Oort conjecture
 November 13, 3:30pm
 WWH 317
 James Carlson
 University of Utah
  The field of periods for doubly cyclic cubic threefolds
 November 20, 3:30pm
 WWH 317
 Eugene Gorsky
 Stony Brook University
 Compactified Jacobians and q,t-Catalan numbers
 December 4, 3:30pm
 WWH 317
 Xuanyu Pan
 Columbia University
 Geometry of moduli space of rational curves on complete intersections
 December 11, 3:30pm
 WWH 317
 Edgar Costa
 The point counting problem

Last updated December 10, 2012

Organized by Lukas Köhler, lmk368(at)nyu(dot)edu