Algebraic Geometry Seminar (focus: CR-geometry)

 January 31, 4:00pm
 WWH 201
 Edgar Costa
 Faster deterministic integer factorisation
 February 7, 4:00pm
 WWH 201
 Fedor Bogomolov
 Open problems in complex geometry IV
 February 14, 4:00pm
 WWH 201
 Ilya Kazhemanov
 Glueing Algebraic Varieties: A birational geometric perspective
 February 21, 4:00pm
 WWH 201
 Charles Epstein
 University of Pennsylvania
 The relative index for CR-structures
 February 24, 3:00pm
 WWH 512
 Yong Seung Cho
 Ewha Womans University, Seoul
 Quantum Cohomologies of Symmetric Products of Kähler Manifolds
 February 28, 4:00pm
 WWH 201
 Daniel Burns
 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
 Rationality of Renormalized Chern Classes
 March 2, 2:00pm
 WWH 512
 Santiago Lopez de Medrano
 Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
 Complex structures on Moment-angle Manifolds
 March 6, 4:00pm
 WWH 201
 Andreea Nicoara
 University of Pennsylvania
 Properties of sheaves in the Kohn algorithm
 March 8, 4:00pm
 WWH 201
 Daniel Huybrechts
 Universität Bonn
 Chow groups of K3 surfaces
 March 20, 4:00pm
 WWH 201
 Mihai Paun
 University of Nancy
 Metrics with conic singularities and holomorphic tensors
 March 27, 4:00pm
 WWH 201
 Jonathan Wolf
 University of Liverpool
 Witt groups of perverse sheaves
 April 3, 4:00pm
 WWH 201
 Christian Böhning
 Universität Hamburg
 Birational invariants and stable cohomology: isoclinism and wreath products
 April 12, 4:00pm
 WWH 201
 Bruno de Oliveira
 University of Miami
 Closed symmetric differentials and maps to curves
 April 17, 4:00pm
 WWH 201
 John Bland
 University of Toronto
 The geometry of Cauchy Riemann structures on the three sphere
 April 19, 4:30pm
 WWH 201
 Burt Totaro
 Cambridge University
 Symmetric differentials and the fundamental group
 April 24, 3:50pm
 WWH 201
 Michael McQuillan
 Universita degli studi di Roma
 Foliations and Hyperbolcity
 April 24, 4:55pm
 WWH 201
 Dingyu Yang
 Forgetful & globalization map: using them to identify polyfold Fredholm & Kuranishi theory
 April 27, 1:05pm
 WWH 512
 Andras Stipsicz
 Hungarian Academy of Sciences
 Rational homology disk smoothings of surface singularities
 April 27, 2:05pm
 WWH 512
 Robert Gompf
 UT Austin
 Finding Stein surfaces inside complex surfaces
 May 8, 4:00pm
 WWH 517
 Steven Lu
 Universite du Quebec a Montreal
 Positivity of the canonical bundle of a hyperbolic manifold

Last updated May 7, 2012

Organized by Lukas Köhler, lmk368(at)nyu(dot)edu