Some Articles which mention me and/or my work

* Magazines

April 3 1992 -- article on the Geometry Center and in particular on the Computational Crystal Growers Workshop that I organized there. Photo and quotes. ("Mathematicians Join the Computer Revolution," "Crystal Growers Compute Together")

Scientific American:

July 1976 -- article on The Geometry of Soap Bubbles, by me and Fred Almgren

October 1993 -- article on The Death of Proof (which I don't at all agree with), by

November 1993 -- photo and short blurb in article about women in science, by

Science News:

1976? -- article on soap bubbles and films, by Lynn Steen

1987? -- article on my work in metallurgy, by Ivars Peterson

Dec. 23, 1989 -- article on The Color of Geometry, by Ivars Peterson -- about computer graphics and The Geometry Center; has a quote from me.

The Scientist:

March 1993 -- long article on me and my work on soap films, by Robert Kanigel

Horizons (Mathematical Association of America):

Sept 1994 -- reprint of Kanigel article plus photos

What's New in Mathematics (American Mathematical Society):

1993 -- article primarily on work of Andy Roosen and Robert Almgren, but with photo and some info on me

Cray Channels:

Fall 1988 -- short article on my work; picture of a surface I computed.

* Books

Mathematical Tourist, by Ivars Peterson

Islands of Truth, by Ivars Peterson

Strange Attractors, by Rebecca Goldstein, is a book of short stories; in one of them, The Geometry of Soap Bubbles and Impossible Love, the heroine proves my theorem.