Welcome to Jean Taylor's Home Page

Contact information: jtaylor@cims.nyu.edu

I am Professor Emerita at Rutgers University and a visitor (for 14 years!) at the Courant Institute, NYU. I work on problems related to soap bubble froths, crystals, quasicrystals, and how they evolve under various physical laws. Much of my research has been interdisciplinary, joint work with materials scientists. Here is my full CV and full publications list. Here is a 2-page CV plus 2-page list of selected publications. Look in directorty cims.nyu.edu/~jtaylor/Papers for copies of many of the papers. of some of these papers.

To see videos I made illustrating various crystalline motions I have defined, click the links:

MotionByCrystallineCurvature (40,000 K)

Crystalline Surface Motion

Crystalline Surface Diffusion and SALK

Articles about my work have appeared in the popular press several times; some are listed in my CV. Here are links to some of the many organizations in which I have been a Fellow, a president, a board member, an advisory committee member, or a research participant: