Music and Math Project

Mathematics is a very precise language. It is ideal to describe patterns and structures. We can use it to describe music, too. This clarifies the underlying structure of the music. Music theory becomes easier to grasp.

We believe that thinking in this clearer language about music, can be very helpful in playing music, improvising, and playing by ear.

This website contains the lecture notes on a course on the subject. First, we introduce the language of numbered notes that we are going to use. We talk a little bit about the Physics.

Then, we explain music theory in the language of numbered notes.

We also believe that the standard music notation hides too much of the structure of the music. We feel that there is a need for a better, alternative music notation, based on all the above concepts.

We finally explain a little bit about programming computer applications in Java and PureData.

Numbered Notes in the Land of Twelve

Translating back and forth

Calculating in the Land of Twelve

Sound and vibrations

Music Theory in the Language of Mathematics

Alternative Music Notation

Music and Computer Science