Music and Mathematics

To me, when it comes to Math and Music, it is in the first place about using Math as a language to describe music and music theory. This already starts at counting. If you number musical notes, it becomes easier to describe musical concepts. Then, you can give precise answers to questions such as: What is the key of a musical piece? What is a chord?

By using Math to describe music, you can make apparent structures that are obfuscated by traditional descriptions. I believe that when such structures are clearly visible, it is easier for your brain to pick them up. Therefore, I am very interested in alternative music notations, which more clearly visualize the underlying structure of the music.

In the end, the most important criterion for me is that it is useful for playing and analyzing music itself.

Music and Mathematics Project

In the Summer of 2012 I supervised Kalin Ellison on a project on Music and Mathematics. Thinking Outside the Staff is her final report. I also wrote some online lecture notes.

cSplash 2013: Math as a Language for Music

At Csplash 2013, I gave a lecture for high school students on Math as a Language for music

cSpalsh 2011: Fast Fourier Transform

I gave a lecture for high school students on the Fast Fourier Transform with applications to music.