Lecture at Csplash 2011:

The Fast and the Fourier

Lecture Notes

The slides were created using a software program called 'Mathematica'. I like it because it makes visualization and interaction very easy. The lecture notes are an html version of the slides, but unfortunately it is no longer possible to interact with the demonstrations. The slides can be viewed here.

However, on the Wolfram Demonstrations Project Website, you can find a lot of demonstrations similar to what I showed in the lecture. Besides that, you can play around with Wolfram|Alpha, a sort of search engine that also let's you do a lot of math.

More information / Further reading

Alternative music notation

To learn more about alternative music notation, the website of The Music Notation Project is a good place to start.

Frequency Analyzer

In the presentation, I used a computer program that was based on the freeware program called Frequency Analyzer. That program, and information about it, can be found here.


The Wolfram|Alpha website

Wolfram Demonstrations Project