Applied Probability Discussion Group

Location: Warren Weaver Hall 1314
Time: Mondays 11am-12:30pm
Contact: Miranda Holmes-Cerfon

This is an informal discussion group for all those interested in applied probability and/or computational statistical mechanics. Each meeting is led by one participant, who will either (i) present a paper or sequence of papers on a topic related to their research; (ii) discuss the current state of their research; (iii) practice a more formal presentation. To keep this informal we will try to avoid using the projector (except for practice presentations) and we strongly encourage questions and discussion. We will meet roughly every 2 weeks.

For past schedules see here.

Fall 2013 schedule:

Oct 7: Katie Newhall
To discuss
T.H. Solomon, E.R. Weeks, H.L. Swinney. (1994) "Chaotic advection in a two-dimensional flow: Levy flights and anomalous diffusion," Physica D 76:70-84.
E.R. Weeks, J.S. Urbach, H.L. Swinney. (1996) "Anomalous diffusion in asymmetric random walks with a quasi-geostrophic flow example," Physica D 97:291-310

Oct 14: Columbus Day

Oct 21:

Oct 28:

Nov 4: Tang-Qing Yu
A. B. Belonoshko, R. Ahuja, and B. Johansson. (2001) "Molecular dynamics study of melting and fcc-bcc transitions in Xe," Physical Review Letters 87
L. Maragliano and E. Vanden-Eijnden. (2006) "A temperature accelerated method for sampling free energy and determining reaction pathways in rare events simulations," Chemical Physics Letters 426:168-175.

Nov 7: Katie Newhall — practice talk

Nov 11: no meeting

Nov 18: TBA

Nov 25:

Dec 2: Yao Li

Dec 9: Molei Tao — "Towards the control of multiscale stochastic systems"