Overview (Java Platform SE 6)
OpenGL Shading Language
JFugue - Java API for Music Programming
OpenGL Shading Language @ Lighthouse 3D - GLSL Tutorial
Common Music Notation
Sagittal microtonal notation
j2d-book.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Music Fonts
MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 11.4.1 String Comparison Functions
Pattern (Java 2 Platform SE 5.0)
Algorithms and Data Structures I
Algorithms - Parsing an Algebraic Expression
Java Programming: Section 11.5
CodeProject: General trees persisted in relational databases. Free source code and programming help
Hans Olav's Repeatable Read - Implementing Dijkstra's algorithm using T-SQL
Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) on SQL Databases. Free source code and programming help
music and color
music and color
color and music
golden ratio
Trail: Sound (The Java™ Tutorials)
Museum of Harmony and Golden Section
HSL and HSV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
recursiveqt.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Fibonacci Numbers and The Golden Section in Art, Architecture and Music
Music Notation - Music Fonts
Create Digital Music » Coding for Composers: Music-Friendly Library for Java, Free Processing Environment
freesound :: home page
Java Sound Resources: FAQ: General
ONJava.com -- Catching OutOfMemoryErrors to Preserve Monitoring and Server Processes
JavaGenericsFAQ.pdf (application/pdf Object)
jMusic - Computer music composition in Java.
Synestesia Software Music: Copyright 2006 Lauri Gröhn; Synestesia Music generated from pictures
Color Mixer Tool - ColorTools.net
Converting between RGB and CMY, YIQ, YUV
Color- gs depth
Land - alternative technique for the computation of the designator in the retinex theory of color vision — PNAS
Mach bands are phase dependent
Spatial Frequency Analysis
handprint : light and the eye
handprint : color vision
Color - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Center for Visual Music
The Csound Manual
cSounds.com - the ultimate sound innovator
The Csound FrontPage @ MIT Press
Midicode Synthesizer - Features
The Csound Manual
jMusic - Computer music composition in Java.

DVD Encoding/Conversion Utilities Downloads
DivX Digest - Joining AVI files
VirtualDub - [VirtualDub documentation]
John McGowans AVI Overview
Java 3D API Collateral
golden section, Fibonacci series and phi
Fibonacci Numbers, the Golden section and the Golden String
efg's Color Reference Library -- Color Science / Color Theory
efg's HSV Lab Report
color and music golden section - Google Scholar
jai-imageio-demos: CVS
jai-imageio-demos: Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools Demo Programs
Day Hike Selector: Greater New York City Area
Mohonk Preserve | Suggested Hikes
Midi to WAV at Java Software Informer
gervill: Project Home Page
Dimensions Home
sfArk SoundFont Compression
Ramblings: Munsell color system is fun for everyone!
Shrubs Forum - GardenWeb
Canoeing in Maine and Canada - Allagash Canoe Trips
Maine Camping Trips
Maine canoe and kayak camping trips. Allagash and Penobscot Rivers. - Maine Quest Adventures
Guided Trips: Waterways Canoe & Kayak Trips
MTGS Allagash Canoe Trip
FIM - Workshop: Rational Points - Theory & Experiment
Apple Orchards Near NYC - Apple Picking Without a Car! | offManhattan
Apple and pumpkin picking near New York City - Time Out New York
Where to find pick your own farms and orchards in New York for fruit, vegetables, pumpkins and Christmas trees.
Glowsticks/ Electroluminescent Lighting/ EL Wire/ Glow Neon Lights
WinFF - Free Video Converter
An Atlas of The Universe
jMonkeyEngine 3.0 | Java OpenGL Game Engine
Industrial Polymers
The Compleat Sculptor - MM & C Accessories Page
PDF to HTML Free Online.
NASA - The Big Picture Wins Big
Khan Academy