Harmonic Analysis and Signal Processing Seminar

Online Blind Deconvolution for Sequential Through-the-Wall-Radar-Imaging

Hassan Mansour
MERL - Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs

Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017, 11am, WWH 1314


In this talk, I will discuss an online blind deconvolution approach to sequential through-the-wall-radar-imaging (TWI) where the received signal is contaminated by front wall ringing artifacts. The sequential measurements correspond to individual transmitter-receiver pairs where the front wall ringing induces a multipath kernel that corrupts the received target reflections. The convolution kernels may vary across sequential measurements but are assumed to be shared among targets viewed by a single measurement. Our approach extends recent convex programming formulations for blind deconvolution to the sequential measurement scenario by formulating it as a low-rank tensor recovery problem. We develop a stochastic gradient descent algorithm that is capable of recovering the sparse scene and separating out the delay convolution kernels. We demonstrate the recovery capabilities of our approach on a synthetic scene as well as with real TWI radar measurements.