Sara Grundel

Office phone:212.998.3227
Office:Warren Weaver Hall Rm 410, 251 Mercer NY, NY 10012

About me:

I graduated in May 2011 with a PhD in Mathematics from the Courant Institute of Mathemathical Sciences at NYU (GSAS) under the supervision of (Michael Overton). I collaborated with (Thomas Yu) and (Denis Zorin) In April of 2005 I finsihed my Diplom at ETH Zurich ETH Zurich under the supervision of Dietmar Salamon. For more details download my CV

Research Interest:

My research falls into the broad area of Computer Graphics and Geometry. A significant part of my PhD research was the development of a generalized subdivision scheme for triangulations. It has exact geometric properties. More here. I am interested in all challenges that require the analysis of limit surfaces. Understanding the limit surface will help us to develop better algorithms for a wide variety of areas in Computer Graphics. The mathematical techniques used are of a wide variety including Optimization, Eigenvalue Optimization, Wavelets and Boxsplines and others. During my Diploma thesis in the area of Symplectic Geometry I learned all the background in Differential Geometry that is very helpful now.


  • Biermann, H., Grundel, S., Zorin D. "Subdivision schemes for surfaces with boundaries", in preparation.

  • Grundel, S.,Yu, T. "Multiresolution Analysis on a spherical domain based on a flexible C2 subdivision scheme over a valence 3 extraordinary vertex", submitted to Computer Aided Geometric Design, pdf

  • Grundel, S.(2011), "Eigenvalue Optimization in C2 Subdivision and Boundary Subdivision", PhD Thesis NYU, pdf

  • Grundel, S.(2005), "Moment Maps and Diffeomorphism", Diploma Thesis ETH Zurich, pdf