Homework 6 (z-clipping)

More servants from the Addams Family...

(with triangle polygons and z-clipping)

Zoom inside to test the z-clipping procedure: make the objects in the scene to go behind the camera

- Drag the mouse to rotate the scene.
- Press "SPACE" to stop/start the animation.
- Press "1","2","3","4" or "5" to select fingers.
- Press "P" to show/hide the control points of the word "Things".
- Press "A" to add/remove transparency.

Source: zclipping.java, Shape.java, Cube.java, Cylinder.java, Sphere.java, Matrix3D.java. MatrixStack.java. CubicSpline.java. BezierSpline.java. HermiteSpline.java. SplineCurve.java. BufferedApplet.java.