Recent Publications

A One-Sentence Line-of-Sight Proof of the Extreme Value Theorem

Link to the paper in the American Mathematical Monthly.

Homogenization, linearization and large-scale regularity for nonlinear elliptic equations, joint with S. Armstrong, T. Kuusi

Link to the preprint on arXiv.

The Affordable Care Act and the IRS iterative fixed point procedure

Link to the preprint on arXiv.

A One-Sentence Inverse Image Proof of Lusin's Theorem

Link to the preprint on arXiv.

Self-Employed ACA Calculator

For self-employed people who buy health insurance from a government exchange, IRS guidance for calculating how much money the government should give receive doesn’t always arrive at the right amount. I have written an algorithm, and had a preliminary online calculator created which uses a version of it. Try for yourself!


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