Numerical Analysis, Spring 2017

Welcome to the class website. I will post homeworks, lecture notes etc etc here.

Lectures: TuTh 11-12:15, WWH 317

Rectitations: F  11:00-12:15, WWH 317 (Ana Perez Gea) 

Office hours: TuWe 5-6PM, WWH 519

Textbook: An introduction to numerical analysis, E. Suli and D. Mayers. Campus access

Marking: 30% Homework, 10% Quizzes, 25% Midterm, 35% Final.

Calendar: subject to many changes

Lecture notes.


HW 1 (Due Thursday Feb 9th) solns

HW 2 (Due Thursday Feb 23rd) solns

HW 3 (Due Thursday Mar 9th)

HW 4 (Due Thursday Mar 30th)

HW 5 (Due Thursday Apr 20th)

HW 6 (Due Thursday May 4th)

HW 7 (Not to be handed in, but good revision for ODE!)

Other Material:

Sample code

Midterm from 2016 and solutions

Final from 2016 (solutions do not exist).

Midterm revision notes