Fluctuating Hydrodynamics

The group has created a github organization stochasticHydroTools with a number of repositories connected to our work on fluctuating hydrodynamics of particle suspensions. Codes associated with IBAMR are released under IBAMR's github and those developed using BoxLib/AMReX are under BoxLib's github or the newer AMReX github, and codes implemented using UAMMD are typically released on the UAMMD github.

Immersed Boundary Method and CFD

Hard-Particle packing Codes

  1. Here are some old but still very efficient precompiled executables for generating packings of spheres, ellipsoids and super ellipsoids. These were developed during my Ph.D. research and you should consult my Ph.D. thesis if you plan to use them.
  2. If you wish to modify the codes yourself you should instead use the simpler but still reasonably efficient C++ sphere packing code.