Home Page of Dharshi Devendran

Contact Information:

New York University
Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Office 907
251 Mercer St
New York, NY 10012
Email: dharshi at cims dot nyu dot edu

Research Interests:

I am a Ph.D. student in mathematics at the Courant Institute.  My advisor is Charles Peskin.  My research interests include computational fluid dynamics (in particular, methods for fluid-structure interaction), mathematical biology and finite elements.    For my thesis, I have developed a version of the immersed boundary method in which deformations of elastic structures are approximated by piecewise linear deformations, as in finite element methods.    Currently, I am using this method to understand the fluid dynamics of blood flow within the early embryonic tubular heart.  I am also interested in the theory of the immersed boundary method, and I am working on a convergence proof of an immersed boundary method for a linear elliptic problem in three dimensions.  Outside of my thesis work, I am building a computational model to study the fluid dynamics of active suspensions in periodic channels with jagged boundaries.  This is joint work with Michael Shelley and Kellen Petersen. 

Publications and Talks:

D. Devendran, C.S. Peksin.  An Energy-Based Immersed Boundary Method for Incompressible Viscoelasticity.  Submitted.

An Energy-Based Model of Incompressible Viscoelasticity, Mostly Biomathematics Lunchtime Seminar, New York University (Nov. 2010)


Calculus 1, TA (Spring 2011)
Written Exam Workshop, Instructor  (Spring 2010)
Introduction to Analysis 1, Grader (Fall 2010)
Linear Algebra, Instructor (Summer 2009)
Computers in Medicine and Biology, TA (Spring 2009)
Linear Algebra, TA (Fall 2008)
Analysis 2, TA (Spring 2008)