Machine Learning Ph.D. Seminar

Spring 2017 Schedule

February 28 - Xi Chen, New York University
Title: Statistical Estimation and Sequential Analysis for Crowdsourcing.

March 7 - Raman Arora, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Stochastic approximation for representation learning

March 13 - Spring Break

March 21 - Umar Syed, Google Research, NYC
Title: Statistical Cost Sharing

March 28 - Joan Bruna, New York University
Title: Addressing Computational and Statistical Gaps with Deep Neural Networks.

April 4 - Furong Huang, Microsoft Research, NYC
Title: Discovery of Latent Factors in High-dimensional Data Using Tensor Methods.

April 11 - Jacob Abernethy, University of Michigan
Title: On the Equivalence of Simulated Annealing & Interior Point Path Following for Optimization.

April 18 - No Seminar.

April 25 - Han Liu, Princeton University
Title: Combinatorial Inference

May 2 - Lihong Li, Microsoft Research, Redmond
Title: Stochastic Variance Reduction Methods for Policy Evaluation