Machine Learning Ph.D. Seminar

Fall 2016 Schedule

September 20 - Adam Lelkes, University of Illinois at Chicago
Title: Interactive Clustering.

September 27 - Laura Florescu, New York University
Title: Spectral thresholds in the bipartite stochastic block model.

October 4 - No Seminar

October 11 - Dylan Foster, Cornell University
Title: Inference on Graphs with Noisy Side Information: Tight Rates and Efficient Algorithms.

October 18 - Alex Slivkins, Microsoft Research
Title: Bandits and agents: How to incentivize exploration?

October 25 - Lin Xiao, Microsoft Research
Title: Communication-Efficient Distributed Optimization of Self-Concordant Empirical Loss.

November 1 - Shipra Agrawal, Columbia University
Title: Online optimization and learning under long-term convex constraints and objective.

November 8 - Philippe Rigollet, MIT
Title: Estimation in the Ising Blockmodel.

November 15 - Uri Shalit, New York University
Title: Estimating individual treatment effect: error bounds and algorithms.

November 22 - Rocco Servedio, Columbia University
Title: Learning Sums of Independent Commonly Supported Integer Random Variables.

November 29 - Assaf Zeevi, Columbia University
Title: Online Stochastic Optimization with a Moving Target.


Spring 2016 Schedule

February 16 - Alekh Agarwal, Microsoft Research
Title: A new model and PAC guarantees for reinforcement learning with rich observations

February 23 - Samory Kpotufe, Princeton University
Title: Efficient and optimal mode estimation using kNN graphs

March 1 - Nadejda Drenska, Courant Institute, NYU
Title: A PDE approach to prediction with expert advice

March 8 - Giulia DeSalvo, Courant Institute, NYU
Title: Learning with rejection

March 15 - Spring Recess. No seminar

March 29 - Alfred Galichon, Courant Institute, NYU
Title: Estimation of matching surplus in equilibrium assignment games

April 5 - Hossein Azari, Google Research
Title: Revisiting random utility models for rank data

April 12 - Vitaly Kuznetsov, Courant Institute, NYU
Title: On-line learning with path experts and non-additive losses

April 19 - Haipeng Luo, Princeton University
Title: Efficient Second Order Online Learning via Sketching

April 26 - Ananda Theerta Suresh, Google Research
Title: Statistical Inference over Large Domains: Efficient Algorithms and Fundamental Limits

May 3 - Scott Yang, Courant Institute, NYU
Title: No Regret Algorithms for Heavy-Tailed Linear Bandits