60 Fifth Avenue
Room 418
New York, NY 10011

About Me

I am a third year Computer Science PhD student in the Analysis of Computer Systems Group at NYU Courant, advised by Thomas Wies.

My research interests include formal methods and verification, automated reasoning, and programming languages. I'm especially excited by cloud- and security-relevant questions. Recently, I've been working with refinements: applications to probabilistic proofs, and refinement proof automation.

This summer, I'll be doing research at Nokia Bell Labs, supervised by Kedar Namjoshi.

I received a B.A. in Mathematics from Macaulay Honors College at Queens College.

I was lucky to do research in pure and applied mathematics when I was an undergraduate. I built the first systematic catalog of crystallographic sphere packings at the Rutgers DIMACS REU in summer 2018, mentored by Alex Kontorovich. Then, I studied stable paths of continuous deformations of elastic rods under gravity at the Cornell REU in summer 2019, mentored by Andy Borum.

Here's my CV for more details.


  1. Less is more: refinement proofs for probabilistic proofs
    Kunming Jiang, Devora Chait-Roth, Zachary DeStefano, Michael Walfish, and Thomas Wies
    To appear in Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (IEEE S&P), 2023
  2. A Taxonomy of Crystallographic Sphere Packings
    Devora Chait-Roth, Alisa Cui, Zachary Stier
    Journal of Number Theory, February 2020