HiQLab: Simulation of Resonant MEMS


HiQLab is a finite element program written to study resonant MEMS, and particularly to study damping in resonant MEMS. Though the program is designed with a specific application in mind, the architecture is general, and can handle other types of problems. HiQLab is written in C++, with a mesh input language based on Lua and a MATLAB command interface.

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To build HiQLab, you will need to install ARPACK and UMFPACK. At the moment, you also need MATLAB to do much useful work, though there is a standalone front-end. HiQLab uses autoconf, so you should be able to build for a Unix-ish platform with the usual line (./configure; make).

This software is alpha. It is unlikely to burn your house down and eat your dog, but I make no guarantees. Changes are still occuring frequently, so if you find a bug, check to see if an update has fixed it before you make a report.

Reporting bugs

Bug reports related to HiQLab should be sent to


This material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. ECS-0426660; by the University of California MICRO program; and by a grant from Sun Microsystems.

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David Bindel