Current draft documents for CS 279, Spring 2001

The current draft of the annotated bibliography is simultaneously too long and too short. In an attempt to keep things organized, I have divided the bibliography into several sections, each with 5 to 20 references. Not all the annotations are done; not all the references that I have are appropriately categorized; and for most of the categories there are at least a few references that I am missing or have not yet entered. Nor have I read all the references in the bibliography. I have annotated no references which I have not read, though there are references which I have read but not annotated.

Anyhow, the framework and beginnings are there.

The class notes from 4/23 onward are not online (this is around when end-of-semester forces in other classes kicked in). The notes from 1/22 through 2/26 were re-copied by me in ink rather than directly typesetting them; I am grateful to Neil Toda for helping me enter them. Over the summer, I will finish converting them into ordinary English from the shorthand which I normally employ for notes. The notes from 3/05 through 4/16 are more complete, though the notes from 4/2 are possibly an exception.

I have not yet translated CUBIC.ASC, but I have translated the other documents on my list. They are

A tarball containing all the above documents, along with this index, is also available.