Doug Brantner - Computer Graphics

Spring 2015 - Professor Perlin

Final Project - Marble Maze!

Marble Maze!

Tests for Final Project

Maze Test
CANNON.js Test
Marble Tests

Homework 8

Star Wars Earth-Sploder!

Simple Data Visualization with Three.js
Taking advantage of 3-D transformations to manipulate 2-D data.
Also uses Raycasting for mouse selection of objects.

Homework 7

Hermite Splines
Hermite Spline Test
Hermite Spline Wing Animation

Bezier Splines
Bezier Spline Editor
Parametric Shapes defined by Bezier Splines

Homework 6

Matrix Multiplication & Perspective
Parametric Shapes & First-Class Functions
popMatrix() "Undo" Feature & Hierarchical Character Modeling
Sea Turtle 3D Environment

Homework 5

Matrix Object Tests
Shy Clock

Homework 4

First Attempt at Kaleidoscope effect
Reflection, Planes & Turbulence Marble effect

Homework 3

Phong Shading
Shadow Ray Tracing
Boolean Intersection (temp)

Homework 2

Basic Ray Tracing & Diffuse Shading
Two Spheres
Three Spheres with Stationary Light & Depth Testing
Googly Eyes: Two Sheres, Multiple Lights
Perspective Shift & 3-Point Lighting

Homework 1

Homework 1 Submission: Undulating Circle

Hello World
First attempt at creating a "Matrix"-like effect... kind of inspired by simulated computer screen graphics from old video games.

Homework 0

To be continued... hopefully this page will become more interesting as I learn more HTML5.

UPDATE (end of semester): ...or not. But look at the pretty font :)