Research Interests

Below are some ongoing projects. 

Dynamics of Neuronal Networks:

Synchronized neuronal activity underlies several cognitive processes such as learning, attention, and memory. Several goals of mathematical modeling include:

  • understanding how the connectivity structure among neurons in the adult cortex affects network synchrony 

  •  investigating possible mechanisms underlying the development of circuits in the visual cortex of mice, including the plasticity of both chemical synapses and electrical junctions.

Mechanics of Pain Processing:

Painful stimuli are processed by neuronal populations in the dorsal horn. Through simulations of a novel firing-rate model, we:

  • investigate the circadian modulation of pain sensitivity and its effects on pain phenomena such as pain inhibition and wind up

  • study the effect of neuronal injuries on pain processing 

  • reveal mechanisms underlying the efficacy of treatments such as spinal cord stimulation in eliminating chronic pain


A Role for Electrotonic Coupling between Cortical Pyramidal Cells. (with G. Kovacic, D. Zhou, D. Cai), 2017. (in preparation)

A neural circuit model for pain processing in the spinal cord (with S. Pilts, V. Booth and M. Hastings), 2016. 

The modulation of pain by circadian and sleep-dependent processes: A reveiw of the experimental evidence (with M. Hastings, S. Piltz, N. Toporikova, P. Ferugson, V. Booth), 2016. 

Selected awards:

Joaquin B. Diaz Thesis Prize at Rensselaer, Spring 2017.

Student Paper award, IMACS International Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Wave Phenomena: computation and theory, Spring 2015.

Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need Fellowship (GAANN), 2013-2015.

Selected Presentations:

Circadian rhythmicity of pain sensitivity: a mathematical model, Pi Mu Epsilon Induction Ceremony at Marist College, March 2018.

Synchrony among synaptically and electrically connected neurons in the cortex, Third International Conference on Mathematical Neuroscience, June 2017.

Developing mathematical models for circadian and sleep-dependent modulation of pain, SIAM Life Sciences, July 2016.

Synchrony among chemically and electrically coupled neurons, SIAM Annual Meeting, July 2016.

Synchronizing cortical dynamics via gap junctions between excitatory neurons, AIMS Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations, July 2016.

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