Calina Copos

Calina Copos

calina copos

Courant Institute

New York University

WWH 906

copos [at] cims [dot] nyu [dot] edu


I am a Courant Instructor at the Courant Institute. My research is in mathematical biology and I am very fortunate to work with amazing people on these projects: Prof. Alex Mogilner and Prof. Bob Guy.

Before moving to NYU, I taught high school mathematics at The Mathematics & Science High School at Clover Hill. I received a B.S. in Mathematics and Physics from University of Richmond and a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from University of California, Davis. Over the years, I have had ample opportunities to travel the globe, eat delicious food, and meet people: Lyon, France, Machu Picchu, Peru, Mont Blanc, Teotihuacan, Mexico, Big Sur, California.

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Research Interests

My research interests include mathematical biology, numerical methods, and scientific and high performance computing.

I use mathematical and computational models to understand how changes in the material properties of a living cell allow the cell to achieve a mechanical process such as movement. It is widely recognized that cells detect, react, and adapt to external mechanical stresses. For example, for certain processes a cell behaves like a fluid-filled sponge while for longer timescales the cell may behave more like a fluid. My broad goal is to provide insight into how external stresses generate internal mechanical changes in a cell. I use numerical methods and fast computational implementations to study these types of problems.


Currently (Spring semester 2018): Calculus 3.

Selected Publications

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