I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science, Data Science and Mathematics (affiliated) at the Courant Institute and the Center for Data Science, New York University. I belong to the CILVR (Computational Intelligence, Learning, Vision and Robotics) group and I co-founded the MaD (Math and Data) group. During Spring 2020 I was also a Member of the Institute for Advanced Study, part of the Special Year on Optimization, Statistics and Theoretical Machine Learning.

My research interests touch several areas of Machine Learning, Signal Processing and High-Dimensional Statistics. In particular, in the past few years I have been working on Deep Learning, studying some of its theoretical properties. I am interested in generalisations of CNNs to more general geometries and their applications to Physics, Chemistry and Computational Complexity. I also recently started to study the theoretical aspects of Reinforcement Learning and its geometrical properties.

New: As of Fall 2020, I am also a Visiting Scholar at the Flatiron Institute (Simons Foundation), at the Center for Computational Mathematics, where I am co-organizing a working group on the Mathematics of Deep Learning.

New: This year I am co-chairing (together with Jan Hesthaven and Lenka Zdeborova) the second Mathematical and Scientific Machine Learning Conference, MSML21. If you have interests at the interface of ML, Applied Maths and Computational Science, please consider sending your best work, deadline Dec 4th!