Visual Turing Test: Generating new exemplars

The display below shows a handwritten character from a foreign alphabet. We showed the "target image" of this character to 9 different people and asked them to draw a new example (with a computer mouse). We also gave this same task to a computer program, that simulates how people draw a new character, and asked it to draw 9 different examples.

Can you tell which grid of images was drawn by 9 different people, and which grid was drawn by the computer program?

You will see a sequence of N displays just like this one below. In each display, the computer program's grid of images is randomly chosen to appear either on the left or the right. You will always be asked to indicate which grid the computer drew, using your keyboard's arrow keys.

***. Please answer as accurately as you can.

Sample display

Target image

One grid has images drawn by 9 different people, and the other grid was drawn by a computer program.
Which grid was drawn by the computer program?

Press <left> or <right> using your arrow keys.

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