New York University Human & machine learning lab

Understanding intelligence

Today's AI provides nothing like the general purpose, flexible intelligence that we have as humans. Our lab aims to understand the ingredients of intelligence that enable the fast and flexible ways in which humans learn. We want to build machines that learn and think like people.


8/2018: Reuben presents at CogSci 2018 on "Learning Inductive Biases with Neural Networks."

7/2018: Brenden presents at ICML 2018 on "Generalization without Systematicity."

5/2018: Brenden is named to MIT Technology Review's annual "35 Innovators Under 35" list, highlighting his group as "visionaries."

3/2018: Brenden gives a talk at EmTech Digital on "Ingredients of Intelligence."

12/2017: Brenden co-organizes NIPS 2017 workshop "Cognitively Informed Artificial Intelligence: Insights from Natural Intelligence."

About The Lab

The Human and Machine Learning Lab started in 2017 when Dr. Brenden Lake joined the NYU faculty as an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Data Science. We are located in the New York City neighborhood of Greenwich Village at the Center for Data Science (60 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10011). Our lab is also part of the larger CILVR lab and the Computational Cognitive Science community at NYU.