New York University Human & machine learning lab

Joining the lab

The Human and Machine Learning Lab is looking for exceptional postdoctoral fellows and Ph.D. students. NYU offers an extremely strong environment for training in computational cognitive science. Interested candidates can email Brenden Lake for additional details.

Postdoctoral researchers

  • We are seeking a Postdoctoral researcher in cognitive science and machine learning. The position will focus on developing computational models of human question asking and answering, with applications in AI and natural language dialog. Please see additional details and apply via this link.

Ph.D. candidates

  • The lab is currently accepting applications for Ph.D. positions, which would begin Fall 2019.
  • Interested Ph.D. candidates are encouraged to apply to either the Ph.D. Program in Data Science (deadline Dec. 12 2018) or the Ph.D. Program in Cognition and Perception (deadline Dec. 1 2018).
  • In exceptional cases it is possible to join the lab through the Ph.D. Program in Computer Science and the Ph.D. Program in Neural Science, but it is strongly recommended that you apply through either Data Science or Cognition and Perception.
  • University policy states that you may only apply to one program at a time.