Applied Math Lab Seminar
2008 - 2009

Seminars are Thursdays at 12:30 in Warren Weaver Hall, room 1314, unless otherwise indicated. Questions or comments please e-mail Bin Liu (binliu at

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Fall 2008 Schedule

September 11: Andrew Bernoff (Harvey Mudd College, Mathematics)
Domain Evolution and Relaxation in Langmuir Films

October 2: Avshalom Manela (MIT, Mathematics)
On the stability, sound and forced motion of a flag

October 9: Natalie Arkus (Harvard, Engineering and Applied Sciences)
Self-Assembly of Spherical Colloidal Particles at Low N

October 23: Eric Keaveny (Courant, Mathetmatics)
Physical and Computational Models of Low Reynolds Number Swimmers

October 30: Xiang Cheng (University of Chicago, Phyics)
Granular flow: a ``fluid" with zero surface tension
Please note that the seminar will start at 12:00 pm on October 30.

November 6: Carina Curto (Courant, Mathetmatics)
Stimulus space geometry and topology from neural activity

November 20: Shane Keating (Courant, Mathetmatics)
Patterns of convection in solidifying binary solutions

December 4: Shobo Bhattacharya (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India)
Optically tweezing soft matter interfaces

Upcoming seminars
Stephen Morris (Feb 5, 2009), Gregory Forest (Feb 19, 2009) Juan Restrepo (Feb 26, 2009), Wendy Zhang (Mar 5, 2009), Jerry Gollub, Jeannette Yen.
Spring 2008 Schedule

January 24: Yuan-Nan Young (NJIT, Mathematics)
Novel Fluid Dynamics in Stokes Flows

January 31: Jimmy Liao (Cornell, Biology)
How fish encode and exploit flows in a Karman vortex street

February 7: Steven Vogel (Duke, Biology)
The Scaling of Pumping and Jumping

February 14: Linda Cummings (University of Nottingham, Mathematics)
Mathematical modelling of "lipid raft" formation in model cell membranes

February 21: David Boyd (Caltech, Engineering and Applied Science)
Resonant Electromagnetic Heating and Peculiar Heat Conduction in Nanostructures

February 28: Svetlana Tlupova (NJIT, Mathematics)
Numerical Solutions of Coupled Stokes and Darcy Flows Based on Boundary Integrals

March 6: Masaki Sano (Univ. of Tokyo, Physics)
Entropy Method for Optical Manipulation of Matter

March 13: Benjamin Shapiro (Univ. of MD, Aerospace and BioEngineering)
Flow Control on the Micro Scale for Electrowetting, Particle Steering, and Magnetically Targeted Chemotherapy

March 20: Spring recess.

March 27: Arezki Boudaoud (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Laboratoire de Physique Statistique)
Turbulence in a solid

April 3: None

April 10: None

April 17: Gabor Domokos (Budapest Univ. of Tech. & Econ.)
Mono-monostatic bodies: the story of the Gomboc

April 24: John Bush (MIT, Math)
The fluid trampoline: droplets bouncing on a soap film

May 1: William Irvine (NYU, Physics)
Linked and knotted beams of light