Applied Math Lab Seminar
2007 - 2008

Seminars are Thursdays at 12:30 in Warren Weaver Hall, room 1314, unless otherwise indicated. Questions or comments please e-mail Mike Shelley (shelley at or Jun Zhang (jun at

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Spring 2007 Schedule

January 18: Elisabeth Guazzelli (Institut Universitaire des systems thermiques idustriel, Polytech' Marseille)
Host: Mike Shelley
Sedimentation of small particles

January 25:  Paulo Arratia (University of Pennsylvania, Dept of Physics)
Host: Mike Shelley
Complex Fluids in Microfluidic Devices: Elastic Instabilities & Drop Breakup

February 1: Zhi Lin, (Mathematics, UNC Chapel Hill)
Host: David Cai
Evolution of the Probability Measure for the Majda Model: New Invariant Measures and Breathing PDFs

February 8: None

Februrary 15: James Glazier (Indiana University, Dept of Physics)
Cell-level Modeling of Biological Development using the GGH Model and CompuCell3D—Applications, Technology and Open Problems
Host: Jun Zhang

February 22: None

March 1: Tony Levi (Electrical Engineering Dept, University of Southern California)
Frontiers in device engineering: Synthesis for non-intuitive design

March 8: John C. Schotland (Dept of Bioengeering, University of Pennsylvania)
Optical Tomography

March 15: No talk. Spring Break

March 22: Brian Chan (Mechanical Engineering, MIT)
Robosnail: Devices for Snail-Inspired Locomotion

March 29: Joey Terran (Courant)
Virtual Surgery: Simulating the Cutting and Manipulation of Soft Tissues

April 5: Lionel Moret and Benjamin Thiria (Courant)
Two talks by AML postdocs:  The wake of a cylinder performing rotary oscillations & Information filtering

April 11: Ray Pierrehumbert (Dept. of the Geophysical Sciences, The University of Chicago)
Strange eigenmodes of advection-diffusion operators
Host: Bob Kohn

April 12: Charles Schroeder (Harvard University, Deparment of Chemistry and Chemical Biology)
Single Molecule Studies in Polymer Physics and Biology
Host: Mike Shelley

April 19: Eric Siggia (Center for Studies in Physics and Biology, Rockefeller University)
Fluctuations and the cell cycle in yeast
Host: Steve Childress

April 26:  Guenter Ahlers (Department of Physics and iQCD, UCSB)
Host: Jun Zhang
The large-scale circulation in Rayleigh-B\'enard convection: A dynamical system subjected to the fury of turbulence

May 3: Stephan Koehler (Physics, Emory University)
Host: Jun Zhang
Foam Drainage Rheology

Fall 2007 Schedule

September 6: Jasna Brujic (NYU, Physics)
Experiments employing statistical physics to protein folding at the single molecule level

September 13: David Saintillan (Courant)
Instabilities and dynamics in active suspensions: direct numerical simulations and kinetic theory

September 20:  Philip Yecko (Montclair State U., Mathematics)
Modeling ferrofluids for fun and profit

September 27: Andy Ruina (Cornell, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics)
Bipedal locomotion: people and robots

October 4: Paul Krueger (SMU, Engineering)
Pulsed-Jet Propulsion at Large and Small Scales

October 11: No AML this week.

October 18: Demetrius Papageorgiou (NJIT, Mathematics)
Problems in interfacial electro-hydrodynamics

October 25: Ross McPhedran (U. of Sidney, Physics)
Knowledge of our gaps in photonic crystals

November 1: Mike Siegel (NJIT, Mathematics)
Modeling, analysis, and computations of the breakup of bubbles and drops in a viscous fluid

November 8: Christel Hohenegger (UNC, Mathematics)
Direct and Inverse Modeling for Stochastic Passive Microbead Rheology

November 15: Manoj Srinivasan (Princeton, Mechanical Engineering)
Walking and running

November 29: Peko Hosoi (MIT, Mechanical Engineering)
Optimizing Low Reynolds Number Locomotion

Decmber 6: Itai Cohen (Cornell, Physics)
Comparing flight strategies in species of fruit flies

December 13: Nicholas Darnton (Amherst, Physics)
Note special location: Room 101.-   (Room 1314 will be set up for the Xmas party)

December 20: Sanat Kumar (Columbia, Chemical engineering)