The Virtual Lung Project at UNC


M. Gregory Forest

Department of Mathematics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    I will survey this effort at UNC that bridges faculty & students from the Cystic Fibrosis Center, Chemistry, Physics, Applied Mathematics & Computer Science. Experimental data and clinical observations compel new methods of probing the materials and mechanisms at play in the lung. I will present the data which has spawned a variety of projects in my group, including diffusion of Brownian particles in pulmonary liquids like mucus, microrheology or viscoelastic characterization when materials are volume-limited and yield at very low stress or strain thresholds, and the coupling of stresses and biochemistry in lung pathways. Collaborators outside of UNC include Christel Hohenegger at NYU, Scott McKinley at Duke, Lingxing Yao at Utah, and John Fricks at Penn State.

Modeling Biological Development using the Cellular Potts Model