Yuri Bakhtin. 
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Yuri Bakhtin

Professor of Mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

Research interests: random dynamics, probabilistic models of mathematical physics

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Office: CI/WWH 713

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Grant support
  • NSF (2018-2021) DMS-1811444
  • NSF (2014-2017) DMS-1460595
  • NSF CAREER (2008-2013) DMS-0742424


Ph.D. Students
  • Donghyun Seo
  • Hong-Bin Chen

Former Ph.D. Students
  • Liying Li (Courant, 2019)
  • Tobias Hurth (Georgia Tech, 2014)
  • Sergio Angel Almada Monter (Georgia Tech, 2011)